Insurance is there to protect you if something unexpected occurs.

However, some claims can be large and complex and these claims require accurate figures for the loss your business suffered. It’s hard knowing where to start, especially if your business hasn’t recovered fully yet.

Making rough estimations could undermine your claim and the overall progress of it could become long drawn out. This not only means you could be delayed in reaching a settlement but, when you receive the payment, it might not cover the actual losses your business saw.

At Weald, we understand the importance of accurate loss recovery

Our loss recovery insurance aims to ensure your journey post-incident is as smooth as can be, helping to get you back up and running.

Looking for something different?

Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll point you in the right direction.

You’ll have access to a specialist loss adjuster who will work on your behalf to ensure every loss, now and in the future, is accounted for. Your loss adjuster will be highly skilled and meticulous, affording you the peace of mind to focus on how your business responds. Your policy could provide;

  • Unlimited advice
  • Access to expert loss adjusters
  • A hassle-free process throughout
  • Recovery for material damage and business interruption
  • Additional advice on how to avoid future claims

Under Weald’s guidance, you can enjoy the confidence expert care and assistance affords.

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