Construction projects require careful planning.

Many involve employees, sub-contractors, independent specialists or surveyors, and a variety of heavy and light machinery, as well as equipment and tools used by those on site.

There are so many exposures. Sub-contractors could suffer an injury whilst working on site, or their property could be damaged. Third parties on site pose risks to you, too. Any incident could not only slow the progress of the project, but a legal battle could ensue.

There are many types of cover that a contractor needs.

With so many parties and resources involved, weald knows how to coordinate your policies to ensure that there are no gaps in cover.  We can point out the often hidden areas of potential cost such as loss of profits or delay in start up after a claim.


Looking for something different?

Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Weald draws on years of experience in the construction insurances and can give you tailored industry guidance and protection. The design of a comprehensive insurance programme to support your business is not something just any broker can deliver.

Weald can help you to protect every project you take on. Features of the cover could include;

  • Third party liability
  • Damage to the works
  • Enhanced protection against poor workmanship or design
  • Damage to temporary structures
  • Cover for plant and temporary buildings
  • Contingent cover for subcontractors


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