Hotels, pubs and restaurants are built on distinctive, diverse products and exceptional customer service.

In such a saturated and competitive industry, this is more crucial than ever to ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

But whether you’re just starting up as a pub or restaurant, or you’re well established in the industry, your insurance policy should be set up specifically to protect your business venture.

Let our service guide your service.

With a range of off-the-shelf insurance packages for hotels, pubs, and restaurants available, taking out a standard policy is simple. Yet taking the simple route to insurance can have many pitfalls.

You wouldn’t pride yourself on offering a standard service, though, so why choose standard insurance?

Looking for something different?

Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll point you in the right direction.

At Weald, we’ll find you an insurance policy that matches your requirements. As we understand your enterprise, we’ll consider the insurances most appropriate for you. Although a wide range of cover options are available, you’ll be guided only towards what is applicable to you. Such cover may include;

– Buildings
– Stock
– Business Interruption
– Employers’ Liability
– Public Liability
– Product Liability
– Cyber Liability and Data Loss

Even if your hospitality business doesn’t quite fit the ordinary model, our team can equip you with comprehensive protection, giving you more time honing the superb service you have carefully crafted.

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