Insurance for a business often protects the assets, earnings and liabilities of the company

However, many businesses overlook the dangers directors and officers are exposed to and struggle to quantify the possible consequences of their actions.

Directors and officers make crucial decisions all the time over a very broad range of subject matter, including business objectives, partnerships, financial assessments, employment choices and the internal operations of the business, as well as conscious or unconscious choices about everyday behaviours.  One misjudged choice, though, may have personal consequences which can be as serious as a prison sentence.

If you are a business manager or director, you’ll be used to making significant choices.

When you run a business, no matter how experienced you are, there’s always the chance you get something wrong. This could be a manslaughter claim relating to health and safety negligence or a poorly dealt with employment issue. Defending these claims can be expensive and, if the liability is on you, it will be you who must pay for the defence costs.

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Individuals and companies are increasingly vulnerable, because employees know their employment rights and are increasingly likely to sue, legal liability is shifting away from companies and towards personal liability, and regulators are now more proactive in investigating companies.

If you need to defend yourself and are without appropriate cover, the financial cost can be prohibitive. Weald will seek to protect individuals against the risk of these costs. Cover can include;

  • Health and safety issues
  • Employment claims
  • Negligence and errors of judgement
  • Defamation
  • Breaches of duty or trust
  • Wrongful trading
  • Pollution

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