Job Vacancy – Corporate Insurance Account Handler

Job title: Corporate Insurance Account Handler

Overall objective:

To administer the insurance arrangements for the protection of the material assets and liabilities of clients through the provision of a professional and efficient service and to assist with generating new business opportunities and securing new customers.
To assist with the day to day enquiries from our more complex clients and provide support to the Executives on selected renewals.

Duties and responsibilities:
Key performance indicators:

• Ensure all Key Performance Indicators are achieved (new business, renewals, cross selling and overall profitability) and are attained compliantly with FCA regulation.

General Responsibilities:

• Provides broking services to all clients.
• To provide a quality service to existing clients, covering all aspects of their insurance arrangements; to advise, review, arrange and secure the appropriate cover at a competitive premium.
• Deal with new business, mid-term adjustments and renewals in the relevant markets according to company terms and conditions, referring to senior colleagues, experts or insurers when issues fall outside own experience or knowledge.
• Carry out instructions regarding the arrangement or amendment of insurance for clients, referring the query to the appropriate person when the enquiry falls outside own knowledge and experience.
• Deal with telephone enquiries promptly, referring the query to the appropriate person when the enquiry falls outside your own knowledge and experience.
• Be aware of market developments in your business areas and bring them to the attention of clients and colleagues where appropriate.
• Input and accurate processing of new business, amendments and renewals on the computer system to maintain accurate records, keeping hard-copy records on customer files where appropriate and in accordance with company procedures.
• Maintaining an accurate and up to date diary system to ensure all documentation is issued and payments collected in a timely manner in accordance with company procedures
• Exercise judgement when reviewing proposals, either new or renewals, referring to a senior colleague or insurer when appropriate.
• Attach correct wordings to certificates including any other wording (exclusions, conditions, warranties etc.) in respect of self-issue policies.
• Liaise with Insurers, other colleagues and Claims when appropriate.

Corporate Account Handling Responsibilities:

• Deal with day to day enquiries including but not limited to support box enquiries, mid term adjustments, new business enquires, motor fleet adjustments/updating the Motor insurance database, checking account executive emails whilst they are away from the office responding to the client/insurer and where possible dealing with the email or passing this onto a senior colleague.
• Deal with logging new claims and the administration of claims for selected clients including liaising with Insurers, clients and colleagues where necessary
• Prepare pre-renewal information for clients, including obtaining an update on all outstanding claims and where necessary liaising with the insurers and closing claims on the system where necessary. Obtaining relevant fact finds / proposal / declaration forms from the system and or the Insurer/s for client meetings.
• Liaise with account executive after renewal / mid-term meeting on renewal strategy / relevant changes required and begin preparation for broking task (but a record of the meeting detailing discussions will be provided by the account executive as a guide).
• Upload general client data and relevant risk information for a range of product types into the computer system for renewal, mid-term adjustments and new business submissions including relevant information for E-trade quotations and manual quotations as requested by the account executive.
• Obtain a range of quotations from Insurers via various methods after the client meeting including via the system and where relevant obtaining quotations for a range of products via Insurer platform / websites including preparing manual market presentation for marketing exercise.
• Approach Insurers for renewal / mid term / new business quotations as instructed above.
• Input the risk information for all relevant quotations including policy terms & conditions, endorsements, warranties, subjectivities into the computer system along with accounting details (i.e premium, fee and commission details from Insurer quotations) ready for renewal / mid-term adjustment / new business recommendation.
• Process agreed renewal / mid-term adjustment / new business policies within the system including setting up PCL/insurer agreement where necessary for payment.
• Invoicing of policies and submission of invoices to the client along with confirmation of renewal / inception.
• Set diary tasks for final policy documentation and payment referring to senior colleagues and or management if unable to secure payment within required company & Insurer payment term timescales.
• The primary responsibility for all of a client’s work will remain with the designated account executive in accordance with the current procedures.
• Ensure accuracy, efficiency and professionalism at all times when dealing with all clients, colleagues and insurers
• Updating pipeline for specific schemes and marketing campaigns where required
• Obtain additional quotations for each client including but not limited to Cyber insurance, MLP & Stand alone Terrorism insurance
• Cross-selling to existing clients
• Dealing with incoming New Business requests
• Assisting with existing clients and amendments as and when required
• Analyse, assess and accurately record customer demands and needs


Be aware and understand the company’s compliance policies and procedures, and ensure full compliance with those relevant to the role.

• Commercial Business
• Transparency, commission disclosure and conflicts of interest
• Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)
• General conduct of business
• Complaints
• Training and Competence
• Consumer Business

Ensure all relevant business activities fully comply with FCA regulation and company procedures. Use checklists and support documentation as provided by the company to assist with demonstrating compliance.
Conduct learning, training and assessment exercises in accordance with the individual Training & Competence (T&C) programme applicable to you. Identify further areas for own development as required.
Promote and embed a TCF culture in all respective business areas.
Ensure compliance with all other applicable legislation, including but not limited to, The Bribery Act 2010, The Data Protection Act 1998, and so on. Also to ensure that all company practises and procedures are followed and adhered to as they may apply from time to time.


Ensure full adherence to the company’s Data Security Policy.
Assume personal responsibility for personal data (client and employee) you control/manage, to ensure it is securely held and properly utilised in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act.
Report any potential breaches, including weaknesses in current systems, to your team director.


• Ensure all communications with Insurers or customers are accurately recorded as per company procedures.
• Where appropriate to carry out other reasonably assigned tasks within the company.
• Works on own initiative whilst carrying out tasks under direction of line manager.
• Presents high quality recommendations to clients.
• Maintains own competence and compliant status.

Competencies, Skills & Attitude:

• Ability to prioritise and organise own workload to ensure deadlines are adhered to.
• Ability to develop and sustain relationships with customers and insurers.
• Excellent relationship skills.
• Enthusiasm, initiative, problem solver, dependability and accountability.

Knowledge and understanding:

• Of relevant policies including current market conditions.
• Of all company specific procedures.
• Of FCA rules and guidelines relating to Commercial and/or Private Customers’.
• Willingness to continue to develop knowledge of insurance and related issues through formal and informal learning, both internal to the firm, and externally.

Essential IT Skills:

• Accurate data input skills
• Company operating system
• MS Word
• MS Outlook
• Excel

This job description may be reviewed and subsequently amended to better reflect any changes in the role.


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