We are very aware that whilst the WealdProfessions website is currently offline there are a number of CIPD members who have been affected. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you have experienced whilst we are attending to the website. Work on the site is progressing well and we are confident it will be back up and running again in the next few weeks.

On top of the website issues we have had to cope with a number of unhelpfully timed technology issues resulting in it taking longer for us to recover than we – or you – would have wished. Whilst I completely understand that this does not help the CIPD members whose policies fell due for renewal in May, it does, I hope go a little way to explain the challenges we have been facing. We have recruited extra staff to help us clear the backlog and all clients whose policy fell due in May or falls due in June should by now have received their renewal invitations. Please bear with us as we try to catch up with all other enquiries.

We thought it might help to put together some frequently asked questions as follows :-

What if my renewal invitation was late in May, was I covered ?

The answer is yes, we obtained confirmation from insurers to ensure that any clients affected remained on cover until their renewal invitation was received and processed.

If I have a query, I can’t seem to get a reply on the phone lines ?

We are very aware that some of you have tried to call and haven’t been able to get through. As we are working remotely we are relying on Teams for incoming calls and we have experienced some challenges with this system. Add to this the sheer volume of calls and in many cases we know you have not been able to get through. Please be assured we are working through the email queries we receive as fast as we can and for now would prefer all communication to be via email as opposed to you trying to call us, to enable our team to focus on the backlog and helping you all in order of priority. The email address is cover4@wealdinsurance.com

I have sent an email and haven’t heard anything ?

As per the above answer, we are working through the backlog as quickly as we can, please bear with us in the meantime. We have now added an auto reply to emails so that you know your enquiry has been received and confirming our best endeavours to respond to you within 5-10 working days.

What if my cover has lapsed, but I still need cover ?

You should by now have received a renewal invitation, but if not please email us at the above address and we can arrange for your policy to be reinstated

I have emailed with some changes following receipt of my renewal documents, but not heard anything ?

As per the answers above, we will get back to you shortly, but any changes requested will be backdated to the date of your instructions

I have renewed and paid for my policy and have requested my final documentation ?

All the documents and confirmation of the cover provided will be attached to your original renewal invitation, so they constitute your final documentation

I’m having difficulty with the payment link, what should I do ?

We have identified the issue and if you have received a second set of renewal documents it should be with the revised payment link. If not please email us, cover will be held until we have been able to contact you.

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